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Sinus Laser

Sinus Laser

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1. This laser rhinitis therapeutic device is based on modern research and clinical practice of the medical schools in Japan, Korea and Israel. By the use of a semiconductor driven low-level laser therapeutic device (abbreviated as LLT) with the wavelength of 660 nm and 8-12 mw of power, it has been proven that specialized light treatment of the nasal cavity can improve the blood physiology, reduce swelling of the tissue and "numb" the sinuses to reduce and/or eliminate common allergy symptoms and sinus problems.

2.Treatment is painless, non-invasive, and produces pronounced and rapid effects on the nasal tissues of the sinus cavity.

3. All natural type of treatment. No need for drugs, and produces no side-effects.

3. Suitable to treat allergic rhinitis, acute or chronic rhinitis, swollen sinus tissues, sinusitis, and more.

4. Powered by 1 * 9V battery (Battery not included).

Package Contents:
1 * Bionase Nasal Allergic Rhinitis Relief Treatment Device
1 * User Manual

How to Use:
The nose laser is very easy to use. Insert the nose laser cable into the nasal cavity and turn on the automatic treatment timer by pressing the start button. The treatment session is 10 minutes. Start with 1-2 treatments per day. After a few weeks of use, you can reduce the treatments to once per day, 5-minutes per session. After a few more weeks you can then reduce treatments to every other day. Finally, you can stop the the treatment and you may only need to re-use the treatment device in the future during peak allergy season.

 - Allergic Rhinitis Nasal Relief


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