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Al Dukkaan

Honey Spoons - 10 Spoons

Honey Spoons - 10 Spoons

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100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey

100% Halal Certified

Innovative - Easy to use and convenient to carry, in Spoon Packing.

Hygiene Friendly - Each spoon is individually packed to protect the product from any germs, sticky and messy situations.

How To Use: Open the foil covering. Consume Directly. Or Mix it with any hot beverage of your choice: Perfect with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea.

Recommended Dose For Sweetness: Each Spoon contains 9 grams of honey (Roughly 1 1/4 teaspoon). 27 Calories per Spoon, 7.4 grams of Sugar, 4.7 mg of Potassium.

Product Description: Hemani Honey Spoons are an innovative sweetener in a spoon, with the recommended quantity for sweetening making it a healthy alternative to sugar. Easy to use and convenient to carry on the go. Individual spoon use makes it hygiene friendly. Consume it directly or mix with your favorite hot beverages like coffee and tea. Or simply mix with water and drink. Easy to carry and consume anywhere without creating a mess. Also great as a gift favor. Kids can take to school as a little honey candy or lollipops. Each jar contains 10 spoons inside which are individually packed to give the best hygiene friendly experience. Our honey comes in 11 different flavors to choose from. Each flavor is the pure and natural extract to give you a super healthy combo which you haven’t tasted before. Mix in a glass of water and drink. Mix with coffee or tea.


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