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Peelu Miswak - Tooth stick

Peelu Miswak - Tooth stick

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The Miswak, also known as sewak, is nature’s own toothbrush, making it 100% eco-friendly. It has been used for centuries in Middle Eastern & African societies as a natural method for cleaning teeth. It has been recommended by World Health Organization for its dental hygiene benefits. AL Khair, one of the pioneers in Miswak packaging, brings to you hygienically packed Miswak helping you to whiten your teeth, strengthen your gums, eliminate bad odor and leave your mouth feeling fresh, Naturally!

Our Miswak is organically grown, extracted from Salvadora persica tree (known as arāk in Arabic, Peelu in urdu).

Benefits of Miswak:

Kills bacteria that causes gum disease:

Miswak has been shown to contain a number of active antibacterial compounds that actively fight bacterial growth in the mouth. Also, people using Miswak on a regular basis were seen to suffer from lesser instances of oral hygiene issues than those who didn’t/used regular toothpastes and tooth powders.

Fights plaque effectively:

The easiest way to prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque, and thereby prevent gum disease and tooth loss, is to brush regularly and in the right manner. Miswak being the ‘toothbrush twig’ helps here thanks to its antibacterial property that prevents the bacteria from accumulating on the teeth and gums.

Helps reduce tooth decay:

Miswak has been known to increase the formation of saliva in the mouth without the need for any commercial enhancers or additives, thus naturally fighting tooth decay.

Removes bad breath and odor from the mouth:

Miswak’s strong antibacterial activity along with its property of enhancing saliva production in the mouth, are an effective remedy for bad breath.

Creates a unique fragrance in your mouth:

Since it is a naturally occurring substance, using the twig releases certain compounds that create a mild fragrance that is peculiar to Miswak.

Protects and strengthens gums

By helping to prevent the formation of plaque, and the subsequent tartar accumulation, Miswak significantly reduces the chances of gingivitis and periodontitis keeping your gums healthy, and you happy, all through.


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